Sawaal...Jawab...Chapter 2

New day in office. Shyama was all ready for this Friday, they she had a lot planned for the weekend. She started and computer and went on to check the news.
“Hi”, Sridhar
“Good morning”, Shyama
“Can I sit in the chair next to you”, Sridhar
“Sure you can, no need to ask”, Shyama
“Just wanted to ask incase you have any problems:, Sridhar mockingly
“I don’t own that chair nor are you my slave. So go ahead…you need not take my opinion”, Shyama
 Sridhar sat and started thinking only god knows what.
But going by his personality he cant stay still or quiet for long.
“What’s this powder?”, Sridhar inquisitively
“Fryum ”, Shyama with a straight face
“But it doesn’t look like one, it’s a powder”, Sridhar confused
“My chair wheel run over it and so”, Shayma
“why cant you be a little more careful”, Sridhar interrupting.
“I was very careful, that’s why its just one piece of fryum and not the whole packet”, Shyama a little annoyed but still with a straight face.
“But now who will clean this mess you have created?”, Sridhar in a stern voice
“You can if you want, as I already said you need not take my permission for small things like this”, Shayam with a wicked smile.
Sridhar had nothing more to say. Shyama turned to her desk with a sparkling smile and started typing. News was left behind, she wanted to created one herself one day.
Her fingers were jumping in the keyboard with joy..she had won this time….
The day had just started and there was more to follow.


  1. Hahaha... This actually happened at my offc... But instead of fryum.. It was a papdi...

    1. yehi to baat hai...every Sridhar is the same


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