Happy Birthday

A mother's treasure is her daughter. 

-- Catherine

Its that day of the year again when I first held you. It was emotional and overwhelming. The smile and tears merged seamlessly and with no words spoken we mingled so well. I thought that was best sight and would last me a life time, but I was wrong as  u grew you gave a million such precious moments. You have given me a reason to be unconditionally happy  and smile for no reason at all. You have filled my life with love and joy. Today nothing can pull me down nor can break me, you are so small and fragile but still give me immense strength and courage. I can forever be living for you. My relationship with you helps me strengthen my other relations.
A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. 
--Author Unknown

As I look a year back my life has changed so much and its all for better. I sometimes wonder who is for who. Its me who supports you or you support me. I see the change that you have brought in me in a year and its immense. I am more me today. I know I can achieve anything and come out strong of each and everything in life. Its for you that I am so strong. Love sometimes makes you weak or holds you down, but my love for you has liberated me endlessly.
A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. 
--Author Unknown

I can today dream, live and laugh and see more meaning in all of it. You add the essence and meaning to all my achievements. Today I m more your then I can be anyone’s.
I always thought I will miss my carefree life and will be held back. But I was wrong you don’t hold me back, you help me track back meaning in my life and existence.
You are my love for life…no one will ever be loved more than you. You are as precious and rare to me as a four leaf clover.
A mother's treasure is her daughter. 
--Catherine Pulsifer

You have completed the puzzle….now I see how everything has fallen into its perfect place. There could never have been a better time or moment for you to enter our lives. You healed us…brought love back into our lives and will help us keep it within us forever.

Love you Kimaya, Elona…many names but just one pretty face. Love you forever. You have completed a year in our lives and filled it with best and most cherished moments. Just cant wish for a better gift from god. Hope the best future for you. Hope you go ahead build the best life for yourself. No matter what I will always support and hang around you.
Once again Wish you a very happy birth day my dearest daughter.
One of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten is my daughter.
--Ace Frehley


  1. Happy birthday our sweet Elona :-)
    From mousaji and kenja

  2. Happy Birthday :) Have a blast

  3. Couldn't hv begun my day with a better start... Happy bday my little naughty princess... Mausi loves you loads n loads..Cnt wait to see her all grown up n reading all this...

    1. Oh dear they grow up very quickly.....one year is gone it feels like just yesterday

  4. Happy birthday to Kimaya....:)


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