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Love means not ever having to say you're sorry.
-Erich Segal
Sorry  can be both very easy and very difficult to say. I feel the difficulty or the ease you feel to say sorry is not linked to the incident nor is it related to whether it was your mistake or not. It solely depends on what you are as a person and the values you hold.  Sorry can be just a word, an expression, a savior and sometimes an emotion. It can play various roles and do many a wonderful things. It can mend an ailing heart, bring smile on a face with moist eyes,  make someone feel you understand. It can do so much good when told with a pure heart and intent. However it can do same amount of malicious things as well. It can harm someone beyond repair, make them too distant or even burn your bridges of a possible recovery. When you say sorry you conform to the person that you accept your fault, or you realize that your behavior was not correct.
But then love comes in picture and as the quote says, sorry loses its significance. But I have a question here, does it really lose its significance and does love give you the right to hurt someone and not be sorry. Love stands for care and support in a relationship. So as per my understanding it’s not that love allows you to not be sorry, in fact what I feel is love should be such that you never have to end-up being sorry. Love must understand the reason behind someone’s gesture, have respect and have faith in one’s partner. Only when there is a lack in understanding, does a situation requiring sorry will arise.
So just go ahead and love so damn selflessly that you always place the one you love before you in everything. With this you will never ever be required to say sorry.


  1. Very rightly said.. That's really the Greatness of Love!

    1. thanx for taking out the time for reading my thoughts, good to know we think alike


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