Quote of the day

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci
So what basically is sophistication, is it trying to be part of a group, or trying to not stand out in a crowd. Is the act of blending with societal norms and reforms a form of being sophisticated. If we sit and brain storm we may come out with many a definitions of what sophistication is. It can be different for different individuals and society. Sophistication cannot be globally the same, sophistication will always have a touch of culture. But at the same time there are few things that globally look stylish and never go out of fashion. The things that make you more you are the ones that set you apart. People can always copy your dress, your fashion or style statement but no one can even if they want to be ever be able to copy your Smile, no one can ape you when you are nothing but yourself. So I guess the best way to be the most sophisticated is to first be you, be the best version of yourself and sophistication will on its own fall into place. So just hold onto to your best smile and the simplicity that you will carry will lead to utmost sophistication.
So just be you, smile a little more and your eyes will add that sparkle to anything and everything.


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