Questions for God

Questions for God, I wondered. What could I possibly ask God there were two very probable answers, “everything” and “nothing”.

I would want to ask so many things that the list could be ceaseless, everything around me would be a question for god, why did he do this? Why did he do that? What prompted him to make machineries within human body that work ceaselessly to just one day stop forever. Why could not everything last forever, why do things made by him perish with time, why does the nature made by him act against us in such strong ways? Why didn’t he give us any control over our feelings. Why does everything that starts has to have an end, and if it has to end why does he get us so attached to it. Why did he make us to have expectations when he knew the others he made would break them. These and  many more questions bombarded my head and after a while I was lost, I was in a blank. I stopped and took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief.

The questions were not answered, nor where they over but my anxiety was. I closed my eyes and without a doubt in knew one things that god is in much more supreme position that us, and I one thing that strengthens my belief in him is that “all that happens, happens for a reason”. So came the next probability of asking nothing and just being thankful to him for giving me what he has given. For I know he has given me much more that I deserve and the pain that he gives me is only for me to be more strong for an uncertain tomorrow.

So if I ever met god and had an option to ask him questions, I would probably only say thank you and just soak myself in his divinity.


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