I Can Fly!

She was flying, it was something nobody thought she could do. The energy in the wheels was not from the engine but from her aspiration to one day master the art of driving a four wheeler. She knew there were very few people with whom, she could share her happiness and amazement with. For most people it was a simple task of coordination between ABC of driving. But for her the ABC i.e., Accelerator, break, clutch were something that were at this point of time ruling her life. The accelerator had made her dream come to reality real quick, break had put halt to all nonsense that was going around her and clutch made her mind shift gears of productivity. She could feel the cool breeze playing with her hair. In her  head she was saying,” yes I did it” but the smile on her face said, “finally I did it”.
She was enjoying it, it felt like freedom, liberation from her own fears. The feeling of accomplishment was very big, because there was nothing that she ever had so much difficulty learning.
She was immersed in her thoughts when she heard a voice, she turned to the seat next to her. There was no one, she turned back and continued driving. But the voice came back again this time followed by a jerk to her shoulder. She once again turned but there was no one. She couldn’t understand what was happening. She was a little scared and confused. She decided to take the car to the side and park and try to understand what was happening. For a moment it was as if that voice could read her mind and was waiting for her to park. As soon she took the car aside and parked it, the voice came back and said, “Park kar di?” she was amused and tired of this riddle by now. She got off the seat belt and stooped to look at the rear seat. As soon as she stooped she felt a sudden pull towards the rare seat and felt an absurd feeling of falling from a height.

She gathered herself, stood up. But everything had changed and Rishi was staring at her. She was still not able to understand what was happening. Rishi, “ Car Park kar di?” Neetu now understood what was happening. Like many other nights she was only dreaming of driving a car proficiently. She turned to Rishi and with a proud and confident tone proclaimed, “If I can dream it , I can do it”. Rishi,” Haan haan abhi so ja, itane jor jor se bolati hai neend me.”

"If I can dream it, I can do it"- Walt Disney


  1. Such a cute story but motivational. It takes courage to overcome one's fear & phobias. Nice post.

    Here is my take on the prompt if you wish to read


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