H for Hic..Hic..Hiccups

The word hiccups brings a smile in my face. I know many of you must be thinking why such an irritating thing brings me a smile. What can I say, hiccups have become part of a very fond memory for me. It is something that only a fortunate few get to experience. And by fortunate few I mean we privileged Ladies. For me hiccups were my first connect with now my almost two year old daughter. Her hiccups while she was still not born, got me both worried and fascinated. We have seen many adults getting hiccups and the various tricks they try to get rid of them.

But my poor still in-utero baby had nothing that she could do. And I like any other more than anxious mom, could keep counting them. The max that I could have counted was 300 at a stretch. We normally sip water to get rid of Hiccups, I couldn’t understand how someone floating completing in water, who could anytime gulp down any amount of water get so many and so frequent hiccups.

When she was about to be born, the print media and television was full of stories of “bacha badal diya hospital prasashan ne”. I had my own reservations with regards to this, I always wondered how would I recognize my bundle of joy? But god has better plans you see. When my daughter was born , after the initial surge of happiness and pain and whole lot of mixed feelings there was one things that relaxed me beyond compare. It made me trust that it indeed was my bundle of joy. It was when my daughter got her first hiccup post her birth and then it didn’t stop there I started counting and me and my angel smiling counted 250. I guess that was her way of saying, “Hey its me!” And my way of saying, “So finally we meet!“…..Happy hiccups

Contributed by Reader, Siddhi!


  1. I thot u will write about my hiccups

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    2. thanks for taking out the time to read

  3. Lovely lines, May God keep this connect and affection for ever :)

    1. thnaks Anjana, this connect is for every mom and baby..hope you also have the same connect.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Such beautiful pleasures of motherhood explained with a small " hic"

  5. Such beautiful pleasures of motherhood explained with a small "hi c".

  6. Oh is that...can we really feel the hiccups of a child in womb...how could I miss this...I m wondering...but this really feels lovely and I m inquisitive...to feel that feeling.
    people find it irritating...but I find it really fascinating..as I have somehow this feeling that someone is missing...fir me its like guessing game if who could b missing me..the moment I make out my hitchki stops...so I love hitchkis...Usha

  7. this is just one of the many beautiful things you feel...amazing experience i must say


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