Quote of the day

You learn as much from those who have failed as from those who have succeeded.
– Michael Johnson         

If this gets you thinking what can you learn from a person who failed, I would  I say -  a lot. Successful people have a lot of followers, also people always try to emulate success not trying or wanting to know the failures that went behind it. Success like perfection cannot be achieved in one go. So behind every success story are a lot of forgotten failures. Anyone who has the courage to continue despite of failures is the one who would one day be successful.

There are basically two ways to learn something, do it, fail and learn from your own mistake or failure. But the trait that is followed by people who get early success is that they not only learn from their own failures, but they keenly follow others who are failing and learn from their mistakes and make sure to not do it themselves. So here we understand that the successful people that the world follows actually follow the ones who are making mistakes to learn from them and not waste their own time making those same mistake.

One of our scientific pioneer Thomas Alva Edison who invented the light bulb and brought light into our life, who is today considered to be a success story. He was only able to make the light bulb in his 100th attempt. But he never gave it up, in fact even after being successful he didn’t forget the 99 failed attempts and termed those attempts as 99 successful attempts at findings out how the light bulb cannot be made.

So learn from failures and respect failures as they are going to be your stepping stones to a successful future and never forget them , for you will have to use them for your inspirational speech. For people listen a lot more to failures once you have overcome them and triumphed!


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