Revenge..lets shop!!!

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.”
Oscar Wilde
  OMG…just read this and was like…ohhh so this is actually an universal technique…I thought it was just personal to me..
I do this quite often…..however I do add a personal touch to it by eating….I mean gorging on deliciously fattening food….. Which I otherwise avoid during my sane times.
 So here you are… we girls do a lot for others….we shop for the family… cook for them…clean and just practically live running around them….and after all this we are expected to look all prim and proper all the time.
And how can I forget we need  to be petite and polite at the same time…its really difficult for me…I can be polite only when I am well feed and full and petite doesn’t go with this…
 Times have changed since we were little kids…we have grown up seeing our Moms…lead a very simple life….a life were things were bought only as per necessities and not as per desire or choice….but times have changed we play a much bigger role….we do all that our mother could possibly do plus we bring back a major pay cheque home…we are an equal contributor to the family income….we share the EMIs(thanks to our contributions equated monthly instalments…sound like easy monthly instalments )…the bills while running around the house hold chores…to this some people would comment we do all this with some much extended  help from the maid…but I guess its ok….I have learned this from the popular Corporate culture I have been part of lately…we need not do all by ourselves…we need to do a cost benefit analysis and then as per the results we need to allocate or if the required skills not present in our lucky hubby we need to outsource the tasks to the dearest maid….after all time is money…..time saved is money and comfort earned ;)
 So lets not deviate from the topic….so what do we do when we don’t want to do all of the above…and want to take a revenge ;) …..ok ok ok  one thing why do we think pampering ourselves is a revenge on other…we are hardcoded with the mentality that thinking, feeling or doing anything for oneself at least as a  female is being selfish…and so we think by being selfish we are trying and getting back on the world which is so so selfish…wake up and get a life…live for yourself and……..only only when you are happy can you go around creating happiness in others life…. Blah blah blah…easy to say hard to put into practise…so lets not waste any more time reading about one self and move on to the topic….so finally let me tell you what this post is all about its about my collection of  ways on getting back at people….world…and specially MEN and some Women(gals take a guess here…I know you can never go wrong with this ;) )
 So finally the compilation…and girl’s all of you are free to pick up any of these and modify and use them to the best of your interest…however do not blame the poor and non-selfish author for the outcome or if it back fires:

  •  Pedicure….specially by a male therapist…its so good to have a man at your feet…
  •  Shopping for really high heel shoes… …also try to get one that helps you tower above your hubby’s height and ego
  •  Going for a buffet all by yourself and gorging on the buffet  in the opposite direction…I mean start with the deserts….umm yummy..
  •   Go for a hair makeover…and come back home all new and improved…go to a reputed salon to get the best pampering and a good makeover..
  •   Buy clothes for your little bundle of joy…this is sure to bring a smile on your face..
  •   Online shopping is the in- thing girls with heavy discounts and easy help…just shop remember to use your hubby’s credit card;)….this really helps cos if you don’t like the products after you are back to your senses you can always return it…:)
  •   Hide the remote
  •   And last but not the least come and read this blog and start with the action….

So I guess we have done full justice to Oscar……we wont sit and cry……
P.S: So gilrs please comment…on the best ways…or any special ones that you follow

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  1. That quote is so perfect. and the list that you provided, that's something ever girl should do!

  2. Awesome one nidhi...I would love to get a pedicure, hair makeover and clothes for my babies...loved the post...

    1. Thanks dear, when read about these things get you so elated imagne the effect of you actually doing them...

  3. I liked pedicure idea. But husband is so loving he will be happy doing it for me.


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