Quote of the day

If you want people to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people.
-Timothy Leary

Right now this seems to be the virtual key to my happiness. But then I have my doubts, not each time I feel good ends up in good. So I would say you have to be super cautious when choosing a subject from whom you are expecting this. On a superficial level we can always be congenial with one and all, but then limit the public whom you actually allow to become part of your life. Also rather than having anticipation of someone changing, because you have been really nice with them is  like “You expecting a lion to not eat you because you have been vegetarian all your life!”. So basically how people feel, respond or act has nothing to do with you. It is all about the kind of experience they have had in life, the kind of upbringing they have had and many more such things that cannot be changed by you and have nothing to do with you. So stop stressing over all these things and just be the finest version of yourself. Just as I say you being good will not essentially make the other person good, likewise someone else being nasty should not bring down the goodness in you. Just as they protect their malice even when confronted with you. You also have to have your compassion and congeniality unbroken. If your actions don’t have an influence on them, theirs actions should also not have any result on you or your conduct.

So just be you. Leave others with their bygone and stop expecting any change. Just make sure to not contract any negativity from them. Mind you stupidity and many such destructive personas are very infectious. However for someone to be infected by compassion, civility, affection, I am sure will require celestial involvement in a polluted world like ours.


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