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Wow…does not everything boil down to this one thing. If we really follow this we will have a good past and a better tomorrow and but obvious the perfect today.
If there can be one mantra for a peaceful life, it will be this. Holding on to your past will not give you anything, we must learn from our past and take ahead the learnings and not the past. It should be a window where we can look every time we need experience. It must not be a wound that needs to be taken care of. I few live in today we will never have any regrets. Always remember something that might look like a mistake today, was something that once gave you happiness. Don’t regret, rather remember and rejoice the moment that once brought you something you so desired.
So forget your past, cherish your future and live for today…as today all that you have in your hand!

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  1. Thanks team blogadda..... I m elated

  2. Nicely put together.. Well done Nidhi!!

  3. How true since today is all we have in our hand, we should focus on now, so tommorow when today becomes history, we don't feel regrets. Well... one has to learn from the past and grow up so tomorrow we will be smarter. Anyway


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