#one thing for Love

Love…and it makes me go WOW when I think of this word. It’s not just a word, it’s a lot of emotions wrapped-up in something very small. It’s so much in so less that it makes it so so complicated. But if we talk about that #one thing for love…for me it would be LIVE. I would want to LIVE for my love. I want to be there for them….forever.  I can’t just not be there for them. If not me then who?

So this question makes me go bonkers, “if not me then who?” But then again I don’t think any of us are irreplaceable. But we all have our own roles to play in every place and time. Coming back to the #one thing for love. So as I said I will LIVE and not merely LIVE but LIVE for them. And I am not trying to be a saint here by trying to LIVE for others. I guess people we love cannot be counted as others , they infect are a part of our own being. They make our existence more meaningful and worthy. By making them a reason for your LIVING you are giving them the most important asset you have, “your time”. We all think we will do things for the people we love when we have time, but remember if you wait for the correct time it will never come. The time will automatically become correct when you start using it more efficiently and effectively. What better use of your time then to use it for your loved ones.

So just give it time and many things will be more sorted out…

So for me the #one thing for love will be ….just LIVE….LIVE for them and rest all will fall into place…..I mean perfect place!


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