I for insomnia

All work was done, everything on its proper place, all arrangements to have a good start to the next day were done. She looked at everything , heaved a sigh of relief and moved towards the bed. As she was about to pull her blanket and get all cozy, the doorbell rang. She was irritated and while thinking who could come visiting her in this untimely hour moved towards the door. She struggled with all her locks that she had put on just now but by the time she opened she saw no one outside. She is Stooped towards the lift and saw the lift just left her floor. Disappointed she came back.

In her head she was still cursing the stranger for not having patience. She was trying to think who could it be, when she suddenly noticed something strange. She was surprised how could everything go back to being messy in such a small amount of time. She had just put everything in its place. Even the veggies that she had chopped for the next day were back to being all uncut and intact back in the fridge. Also they felt cold enough to have been in the fridge for a long time. She was puzzled and didn’t know what to do? She rubbed her eyes to check if this was a dream. She tightly closed shut her eyes and wished it to be a dream. She opened them and it was all the same. She didn’t know whether to start again for just back to sleep and wish all would be okay when she woke up next day morning.


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