The Big Billion Day....Flipkart or FAKEKART

I am not new to online shopping or Flipkart. I have bought many things from them in the past. But from a few past experiences I have come to the believe that they only influence and play with the emotions of the customer. They know discounts attract everyone one, so they what they basically do is Inflate the costs and give you large discounts. So you end buying something probably you didn’t need in the first place and plus you are actually paying a higher amount for the same. They play with the Indian mentality of saving. They know that when we come a cross a good deal we might actually buy and think, “ I am sure to use it some day then why not buy and keep when getting such a  huge discount”. Although we do have ways to compare the cost of things in various sites, but then things like “THE BIG BILLION DAY” happen and we are have left with limited time to buy things, so you buy in impulse and forget to compare. Also with so much of Ads and everyone hooked to the same site you are proved a fool if you don’t shop on that fateful day or time. so we end buying some surplus goods at surplus price.

This is what they basically bank on and target. This is where their marketing strategy hits bang on and they make a huge sale. So basically what they do is this:

Ø  Create a hype, make people wait for that one cheap day.

Ø  Inflate the prices and give huge discounts

Ø  Keep a tight time frame so that people don’t have time to think and buy…

Ø  Make huge profits

This is basically the best way to earn more money from goods that have being just lying in there warehouse with no demand.

To verify the truth please have a look below. It’s the same Red bag from the same brand “CHANTER” the first pic is from Jabong and second from Flipkart. The prices are both for the same day i.e., 06/10/2014.
The MRP-10410 INR in Flipkart is way higher, and also the discount percentage(55%). They are giving you a huge discount and so you eventually end up paying 4684 INR for that bag thanks to the “THE BIG BILLION DAY” , however a little peek outside the FAKEKART world and you realize you can buy things cheaper even without the mercy from Flipkart.  In the second picture you can clearly see and much lower MRP 5560 INR and a lower discount (25%) and a final lower price 4370 INR for the same product. Also above all this you also get the best customer service experience at Jabong!....So your are actually paying a higher amount thanks to “THE BIG BILLION DAY”

If all they wanted was you to save, why keep such tight time frame. Think about it. They only want to create a chaos and make profit out of it….all I can say is Choose wisely!

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Flipkart customer service:


  1. this is what they say

    The Big Billion Day
    ✔ Easy Replacement
    ✘ No Cancellation
    ✘ No Refund

    flipkart another name for fraudkart

    1. So Money is locked and gone for ever. they made a billion!

  2. Oh....good comparison. I'll forward it to my contacts.

  3. Nice example to open our eyes. ..

    1. Please pass it further and help spread awareness.

  4. plz beware guys......
    dat was just unexpected.....huhh....

    1. yes you are right they not only play around with our emotions but also our money

  5. Replies
    1. indeed. thanx for reading, share for further awareness

  6. Thanks for the heads up.
    I will compare every item I will buy online at least over 2 additional e-commerce websites before actually buying it from one of them.


    1. Thanks Animesh for taking out the time to read. Please share and spread awareness


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