Love it was...

She was really tired, her eyes were hurting they wanted to be shut. She reclined back in her chair stretched her back took a deep breath and her fingers again started typing on the key board. She had to keep going. She always wanted to be competitive but today she felt like she was running a never ending marathon. She so wanted to finish everything and leave or just leave everything and finish her day at work. But none of these were the options she had. So she silently  continued. Soon she wrapped up everything and was ready to leave. She checked her phone to get a clue of the time. Since her office machine was hooked to onsite timing forcing her to live in a virtual time zone. She looked at her phone and her eyes shone with happiness. It had a message from Anant saying, “Waiting for you, give me a miss call whenever you finish.” This message made her realize she had again missed the evening office cab. It had almost become a daily ritual these days for Anant to pick her up on their way back home , they mostly ate out as Riya was too tired to cook.

She quickly got into the lift and left. She got in the car threw her bag to the back seat, reclined the chair and just sunk into the chair. They didn’t talk much and soon Riya was asleep. She woke up only when she felt the car stop with a sudden jerk. She looked at Anant trying to understand the need of this sudden jerk but he was not there. She was baffled and out of her senses. She was no where near her home rather it was a bizarre dark place with no street lights. She looked at the windscreen and it was covered with the open shutter of the bonnet. She tried to get out of the car, she felt some pain and was not able to move much. She somehow managed to sit up straight. She called for Anant. No one answered. By now she was really worried and scarred. She somehow managed to get out of the car and see why was Anant not answering. She got out  of the car only to find the car in the middle of a puddle, it was surrounded by sticky sand all-around. She could not see where Anant was. It was pitch dark she was not able to understand what place was this. The bonnet was open but there was one behind it. She hurriedly went back to the car and tried to fetch her phone from her bag, she sat in the front seat bent behind to get her bag, but to her utter surprise there was nothing in the back seat not bag no phone. She was more worried about Anant’s whereabouts then her safety. She thought she must start the car and put on the Car head light so that she could understand where she was. She moved to the drivers seat and put her hand on the right side lower corner of the steering wheel. There was no key. She was stuck with nothing there. All she could do was waiting for the morning sun to shed light on her situation. But the night was too long for her to sit and wait.
She decided it was no time to sit, although scarred she decided to tread out. She wanted to first understand where she was and what place was this. She with all calmness got out of the car and tried looking here and there. Suddenly she heard some voice in the background. She heard a few men laughing, she started moving in that direction, soon she saw light in that direction. She was really scarred by now, but she slowly kept moving in that direction. Suddenly she heard her phone ringing, she could see its light glowing in the hands of one of those men. She wanted to snatch it from them and call and check if Anant was safe. But she didn’t want to react in a hurry and repent later. She hid behind a tree and waited for one of those men to answer the phone. All the four men were equally stunned to see the phone ringing. One of them screamed at the other, “Throw it away, no  need to answer” . The other told, “Is it Anant again ?” the first one replied, “Who else will it be?” They disconnected the call and threw the handset away. Weird thoughts started crowding Riya’s head, she knew Anant was trying to find her, she decide to go back to the car get the jack used to change the wheel so that she could use it as a weapon to safe guard herself and somehow get back her phone and call Anant. She tried opening the car and realized it was not her car, she was not understanding anything. She so wanted to be out of there right that instant. Suddenly her overly mismanaged and stressed life felt like a dream. She was determined to get back to her life. She with some freshly gathered courage she proceeded towards the four men. She in loud voice declared, “ Give me my phone now or I will hit you”.

One of the men stood up and replied, “ Hit us for what, for saving your life?”

PART II coming soon…..
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