Is Breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

A lot has been said about his and most of us agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But problem like always starts with me. I am and never was a breakfast person. I am never hungry early in the morning and breakfast tends to make me feel sleepy.
So here I was going against what the majority said was correct and recommended as a healthy habit for weight loss. So when everyone around says the same things the only one source from where you can find reasons that will help you argue and win against the majority is called  “GOOGLE”. So here I was like always in front of my PC searching for the best reasons I could find to avoid breakfast. I read and read and found and realized breakfast is not the most important meal of our day. I heave a sigh of relief with this.
Breakfast is only as important as any other meal of the day. So rather than following the mealtime  by clock follow your body clock. Eat every time you feel hungry. Don’t eat just because its time to eat. Eat when your body asks for food. Food is fuel to the body and lets just treat it that way.
Its said eating  breakfast helps you fight temptation and you can manage better portion control. Rather  heavy breakfast can make you sluggish and lead to less activity right at the start of the day. Also it is said that eating breakfast prevents you from eating a heavy lunch. Mind you if the lunch is yummy and tempting or should I rather call it fattening  nothing can stop you from hogging. No one even remembers what breakfast they had by Lunch time.

Opinions and feedback on this invited....lets have a debate for breakfast on breakfast!


  1. Ok....but I m hungry every morning and need fulfilling breakfast to start my day with good mood.

    1. Thats what i am when as per body clock (Hunger) and not Wall clock!


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