Life and its Blessings

So finally I am back after a loooong gap…I was busy all I can say..there was a lot happening in my life..I felt the pace was slow but now when i look back I feel dizzy at the pace the things have changed.
So where do i begin…i am a proud mother of a lovely daughter…so easy to put in words…but the emotions behind cannot be experessed nor comprehended in words…love the feeling …but still I feel I as a new age mom, I am very different from what moms used to be….things, ppl and life has changed since we were kids….we didnt feel it change but it has…changed a lot. I realized this post being with my daughter and later having left her for being at work. Life with kids is difficult and to make choices and decisions is even more difficult…not so i thought it woud be. so where do i begin…
  • The first and the most striking …my mom used to wait for me to return from school…today my daughter waits for me to return from office
Apart from this there are many more things that have today are much more independent and fast in learning. I feel we as kids were more naive and forgiving.
Nevertheless its upto us what kind of upbringing we give them
All I wish for my daughter is to be able to stand on her own feet and be happy and content all her life.
Nothing can make a mother more proud then to have a daughter who she can look upto.
I would never want to be an inspiration or a role model for my daughter…I want her to grow beyond me explore beyond me and be someone I look upto.


  1. Amazing. .. good to see u writing again. .

  2. Amazing. .. good to see u writing again. .

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