I have had many readers asking me to write on “how to be happy?”. But I really don’t know what to write on this. How can I tell you how to be happy. Is not happiness a very personal  thing. Everyone has his/her own way to be happy and no rules can be applied to happiness. Something that really makes me happy can be something that means nothing to you. Also happiness is not a momentary thing, it’s the many little moments that collectively lead to a splendid moment of happiness. It  depends on many variable factors with only you  and the end result being the constant in this equation.   

So I think I cannot point out ways for anyone to be happy. But nevertheless, since today I am in a happy mood I can point out things that make me happy. No harm in trying maybe we are same in more than one way and my ways can help you also to be happy. At least  reading what makes me happy may bring one small smile or a tear of joy and probably make you happy for a while. Cos many of my readers are the people who have shared my life and my moments of happiness with me. So lets list down things and live them all over again.


So here’s my list of things that instantly make me happy or bring  smile on my face:

©       Cooking and then serving and looking at the person savoring my cooking. It fills me up with happiness. So the main reason behind this is that I am a foodie and food is an important part of my life. So when I eat something really delicious I enjoy and so I am really happy when I am successful at delivering the same joy to someone really special to me. So point one is FOOD.

©       This has to be second on the list. Doing or accomplishing something that I have never done before. And icing on the cake is being the best right at the first shot.

©       To think of my present as the best and most important phase of my life. And to be thankful to the almighty for giving something that I never dreamt of having or believed that I deserved. Not living in my past and not worrying about the future. To drive further not for achieving but for giving.

©       No one can love you as much as you can love yourself. So I love myself for all that I am and for all that I have achieved. I love myself to the fullest and set high standards for others to follow. I demand and expect only love, I don’t categorize myself as an object to be valued but as a human to be loved and treasured.

©       Last but not the least I do not depend on others to create happiness for me. I take complete responsibility for my happiness. So it  is me and myself who is responsible for my happiness!


PS: Right now these small hearts as bullets make me happy. So its really small things that matter. Look for little things that otherwise you overlook and fill your life with little moments of happiness. Please write atleast one thing that makes you happy in the comments and lets build a directory of ways to be happy.

Fahmida this one was requested by you..Hope you like itJ



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